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Trampoline Chapmpionship Ye Shuai And billiard ball championship Liu Shasha came to visit SVIYA Group

  • Publish Time: 2019-05-17
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     The 2019 AAA (Asia Amusement Attraction Show) was held from May-9th to May-12th,2019 , and SVIYA Group invited trampoline chapmpionship Ye Shuai showed there , also the billiard ball championship Liu Shasha did come to SVIYA's booth.

     Two championships learnt from each other, and Mr Ye did teach Liu how to play the trampoline, they exchanged their experience and share their story with others , when Mr Ye taugth Liu, there were many people came to see , they all felt very excited to see two chapmionships together, before they can only see they on the TV, and they were all very warmness.

     As trampoline is one of a sport game , SVIYA Group hope can build more trampoline parks in the near future, so all the people can do excise there , which will be good for the healthy.

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