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The History of Bounce Trampoline Park

  • Publish Time: 2019-07-11
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The trampoline park was from the USA, and it was spreaded very quickly to all the world, but the business for trampoline park is amazing in the Australia, almost one town with a park..... and also many famous brands in Australia, the BOUNCE trampoline park is one of them.

Bounce set up their first trampoline in Melbourne , 2012 , and now they have operated more than 27 indoor trampoline centres across 9 countries, more than 3 million customers go to play and enjoy their fun in bounce trampoline park.

Bounce also diverse customer base ranges from pre-schooler, school grounds and teengers, elite atheletes, fitness cleass enthusiasts and corporate groups, etc. No matter what kind job you do , you will find the game you like and enjoy yourself there.

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