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Process of Building a Trampoline Park

  • Publish Time: 2019-07-08
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As the trampoline park business become more and more popular, many people want to start their trampoline park business, and it is very simple to do any kind of business, but it is difficult to make a good business, and SVIYA Group will teach the process of how to building the best trampoline park.

1. Marketing Research.

  • SVIYA Group has professional markeing consultants, who will help understand what will be needed to do , and how to do during marking research.
  • You will start to collect the basic market data, especially the local market, then we need to work our the cost , income, and estimate the amount of capital needed, then you can do an analysis for yourself.
  • After finish all the date collection, SVIYA Group will make a business plan for you to guid your future plan.

2. Find a suitable/ right building for the trampoline park.

  • To choose a right building is the most imprtant and also difficult thing , if you are not sure how to do , pls conatct us .

3. Design

  • For the activities, you can go through our website to get some ideas, and also you can contact us for catalogue to learn more.
  • Get your floor plan from the landlord , and try to take some videos or photos for us .
  • Our professoinal designer will discuss some ideas with you and give you an main thought to you , also please try to come up with your own thoughts.
  • Our designer will start to make design and layout for you .

3. Contract and Purchase Order

  • Once you confirm the design and price, you will sign contract with SVIYA Group and place the PO with us.
  • After confirm everything, a deposit is required.

4. Production 

  • Once received your deposit, the order date will be entered into our system, the production will be arranged.
  • Our sales representative who contact with you will keep you udpate for the production. Your can 

5. Building Preparation

  • When we start production, you also need to start decoration for the building, which will be good for future installtion , also the staff recruitiin and training, Ad, promotion plan. All these is very important to the succsee of your trampoline park business.

6. Shipment and installation

  • Before shipment, our QC will do final inspection, and you will be highly welcomed to our factory to check all the goods too.
  • After all confirmed, we will contact with freight forwarder to arrange the shipment, you can ask your shipping agent to contact us for that, and also we can handle all these for you.
  • We will make the necessary documents for you before the goods arrive the destination port .
  • And we can accept different way for installation , and if you need us to send team to do it for you , you need to inform us at least one month in advance , becuase of the visa.
  • The installation team will do inspection with you together , and a third party inspection is also accpeted.

6. After Sale Service

  • A high quality after-sale service will be offered after you open the trampoline park, SVIYA Group will do the warranty, maintenance , new product update, etc.

When you choose SVIYA Group as your long term business partner , SVIYA Gourp will not only give the top quality trampoline park equipment, but also with a lot of good experience and suggestion for the business

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