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Why not buy from trampoline park manufacturer directly

  • Publish Time: 2019-07-06
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       Now the internet make the world smaller and communicate easily , you don't need to spend too much money or time to source the trampoline park you need on the website , but not all of them are manufacturers.

      Some middle company they will also tell you that they are manufacturers or they have factory at some place , as they don't have real factory , they don't need to spend money for production , then they will spend as much as they can for marketing and AD, you will find a very professional and pretty website , but that doesn't mean they are real professional .

     Trampoline park is not like other entertainment business, it will hold may be 10 to 200 people or even more to play together at the same time, so we must keep everything all in 100% safe way, like designing, manufacturing, installation, etc. The middle company or franchise couldn't give these to you , and they will teach you how to do operation or marketing for you park, but in fact they haven't operated any trampoline park before, all what they will tell you is just theory, maybe it could help you , but most will be no use, you still need to take a lot of time to find a right way to operate the trampoline park by yourself.

     And I am not sure whether you know the cost for trampoline park or not , if you buy the equipment from distributor or franchise, the price will be at least 50% higher, some even more , but the manufacturer will only earn you about 15%, and some franchise will take 200% more for other special service, some will be no use in the future, so why not buy from trampoline park manufacturer directly ?

     But not all the distributor or franchise are no use, some of them are also really professional , they will keep an eye on all the process for the equipment, besides that they need to take care of the after-sale service. If they want to make bigger, they also need to make good relationship with the manufacturers.

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