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Trampoline Park Solution for COVID-19

  • Publish Time: 2020-04-07
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     More and more trampoline park are closed in many countires for the COVID-19, most of the owners felt dejected for the current situation , they were not sure how to do and what to do , as to close the park may means no money no income.

     But most countries have taken the positive way to stop the spread of the virus , and some counties already controlled the numbers of infection and dead like China, so the date to reopen the park is not far away. After this epidemic , people will need a safe,fun and clean trampoline park to play,all the trampoline park owner or operators must pay more attention to this, and in order to make safe and fun , clean trampoline park , please follow the step as below:

1. Train and improve the awareness of safe, fun and clean of all the employees , trampoline park owner or management need to revisit some of those procedures on cleaning and make sure everyone was fully trained and just working hard than even to makie sure that everything is clean.

2. Retain the capable employees , to pay them as usual and build online working system to check their work and also to have meeting with them by everyday .

3. Keep a well touch with all the valued customers, give some video lesssons to teach them how to do excise at home to keep health.

4. When reopen the park, the trampoline park owner and mangment must focus on disinfecting every door handle, every credit card keypad, our waiver stations, our hand railing, everything people may touch.

5. Try to cooperate with other business type to find solution and way out , like some car wash shops, training agency , etc. 

Trampoline Park Business Under the Impact of COVID-19
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